pasidg (pronounced "passage")


Pasidg Productions is an independent film production company in the business of making distinctive movies that entertain, inspire, and enlighten the audience. We are based in Sedona, Arizona.

Tommy Stovall
President of Pasidg Productions, Tommy started out in the early 1990's with TRS Productions, his own production company in Texas which specialized in industrial, promotional, and special interest video projects.  He spent many years as a one-man show, doing everything, including writing, producing, cinematography, directing and editing.  His longtime goal of becoming an independent filmmaker began to take form when he started writing his first screenplay, Hate Crime, in August of 2003.  By December of 2004, Hate Crime was in the can – a finished feature film with an all-star cast in which Tommy also directed and produced.
Marc Sterling
Marc serves as executive producer and production accountant for all of our projects. A highly accomplished businessman, speaker and teacher, he made his first foray into filmmaking with Hate Crime. After working for the Internal Revenue Service and two CPA firms, he established Sterling’s Bookkeeping and Tax Service in 1985, growing his company into a huge success that now serves over 2,200 clients throughout the United States.   With this background and his specialty of advising people on starting and maintaining successful businesses, moving into the independent film world has been a natural fit.
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